Amer Fort – The Real Colors of Rajasthan’s Royalty

Amer Palace more popularly and is a misguiding way known as the Amer Fort is one of the most important locations in the history of the Amer Empire. It is located in present day Amer which is a small town located close to Jaipur. The expanse of the town, which was once a seat of power for the royal family, has shrunk to just 4 square kilometers. Its beauty and panache on the other hand remain undiluted.

The flavors of Royalty can still be seen in every part of the life and culture of its people. The town of Amer is located on the higher part of a hill to keep it strategically protected from attack and invasions. It is today one of the important tourist attractions in and around the Jaipur area.

Amber Fort
Amber Fort | Image Resource :

Amer Fort is built along quite unique architectural lines and the influence of North Indian Architecture is quite significantly visible in the construction of the Amer Palace. There are several large ramparts on the entrances of the Amer Fort. Also characteristic of this immense structure built to host the royal family is a series of grand gates and several cobbled paths. The Maota Lake also provides a beautiful scenic overview to the palace. In fact the palace is located overlooking the Maota Lake.

Amber Fort overlooking Maota lake
Amber Fort overlooking Maota lake | Image Resource :

The palace walls are the most characteristic features of the palace. The beautiful colors of the walls are constructed with sandstone and marble. The basic architecture of the palace includes four levels. Each of the floors of the palace contains its own courtyard. The four floors respectively include the Diwan-e-Aam, which was built to allow interactions between the Maharaja and his subjects; the next floor contains the Diwan-e-Khas, where the ministers of the king provided him counsel.

Diwan-e-Khas | Image Resource :

The fourth floor consists of the Sheesh Mahal or the mirror palace. It is also called the Jai Mandir. The Sukh Niwas is the primary structure located on the fourth floor of the Amer Palace. The cool breeze on this height provides a calming experience. A water Cascade is also located within the Palace itself which cools of the entire structure and makes it comfortable even during the hottest summer days.

 Sheesh Mahal
Sheesh Mahal as known Jai Mandir | Image Resource :

The Amer Fort is also a world heritage site and hence is now under preservation of the Indian Government and the Government of Rajasthan. My visit to the Amer Fort brought me closer to the history of the state and presented several photography opportunities.

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