Photography tips for your Chadar frozen river trek

Even though majority of DSLRs and compact zooms work well on different conditions, Make sure to save your battery life, keep them in your jacket’s pocket. This makes it easy to access them during emergencies.

It is always easy to take pictures under the daylight. However, night photography has always proved to be a nightmare in terms of exposure as well as battery life. Shooting at night can take up a lot of battery life. So always be ready with spare batteries.

When we went to Chadar, I had a Nikon D80 which is a six year old camera. I carried 5 batteries for a weeklong trip. If you are thinking that you will get charging point from the local tea shop and garage then the answer in “no”. Therefore, it is always recommended that you carry batteries and other necessary accessories required for perfect photography.

Perfect example of photography under the daylight at chadar frozen river trek
Perfect example of photography under the daylight at chadar frozen river trek | Image Resource :

Telephoto lens not required:

In Leh, you will not find any wildlife photography opportunity for your camera so carrying telephoto lens is not required. Having at least a wide angle lens with a decent zoom is more than enough to get amazing pictures. Wider lens or full frame camera would be great, however having such cameras make your pack a lot heavier.

Filters not required:

You will be on an uneven terrain and this can create problem. Such conditions can also make your filters redundant. If you prefer ND filters, I would recommend that you go for the ones that can be easily attached in front rather than the ones that have to be screwed in. Changing filters can be difficult under such conditions.

Use an Extreme card:

Having an extreme card can allow you to capture spectacular photographs, especially during night time. At night the exposure rate is around half a minute. To write a 10 MP RAW file, a normal card takes around 3 minutes. Therefore, the battery usage will increase depending on the time taken to write a photograph. So use the right card and save your battery.

These were some of the tips that according to me would be beneficial during you Chadar trekking trip. If you have an interesting and useful tip then feel free to comment.

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