Patalpani Waterfall Indore - Mesmerizing With Its Massiveness

We were simply spellbound with the massiveness and the high quality facilities being offered to the students at IIM Indore. Seriously, even I wanted to go back to school and start preparing for these IITs and IIMs. After exploring the educational institute, we headed towards our next destination for which I have been waiting throughout the trip. It was the Patalpani Waterfall Indore which is considered to be one of the most splendid waterfalls of the state.

We had stopped the cab at the Mhow station as we wanted to cover the remaining distance on foot. The walk to the waterfalls was seriously amazing thanks to the cloudy weather and the tranquil ambience. We had a lot of fun on our way and ate something at a roadside dhaba.

Mhow Station
Mhow Station | Image Resource :

On reaching the site, we could easily spot many families picnicking in the nearby regions. One of the local guides told us that the total height of the waterfalls is somewhere around 300 feet. He also told us that that the best time to visit the falls and to experience the force of the falls at its best is the time period between August and October.

However, there are chances of flash floods during that season as well. He told us that scientists have still been unable to measure the depth of the kund (pit) of water created at the foothill of the falls. There are many stories associated with this and one of them says that it has a depth which will take you to the patal (underground world).

Patalpani Waterfall Indore
Patalpani Waterfall Indore | Image Resource :

We also came to know that the falls also present a great site for trekking. During the summer season, the falls dry up to a great extent and the stream almost becomes a trickle. I was really excited to go for trekking but some of my friends warned me about the large number of people who have died at this spot at different points of time. The locals told us that most of the deaths have been due to the carelessness of picnic goers who were too keen to go near the valley of the falls.

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