Chokhi Dhani Indore-Ideal for a Comfortable Stay

After landing at the Indore station at around 5.30 in the evening, there was no doubt about the fact that all of were extremely tired. So without any second thought, we got out of the station and hired a cab to take us straight to the hotel we had booked online.

Entrance Chokhi Dhani Indore
Entrance Chokhi Dhani Indore | Image Resource :

It was the Chokhi Dhani which is extremely famous for housing tourists from different parts of the world. It is a part of a group of hotels which has been rewarded with India’s Most Innovative Tourism Project by the Government of India. It has also won Small and Medium Enterprises Award for providing best tourism and travel business mainly due to its projects in Rajasthan.

Chokhi Dhani Indore
Chokhi Dhani Indore | Image Resource :

It is due to these reasons that we had decided to book this resort and spend a lavish trip. The Chikhi Dhani Resort is actually comprised of a number of cottages which have been designed to offer unparalleled serenity with ultra comfort and modern amenities. Since there were six of us, we had booked three cottages. We were damn tired courtesy the three day train journey and didn’t want to waste a single moment before falling asleep.

Cottages Chokhi Dhani
Cottages Chokhi Dhani | Image Resource :

We were simply left in awe when we first entered the resort. We were extremely surprised to see that the entire resort represented the splendour and richness of Rajasthani culture. It is located in what is known as Chikhi Dhani which is the name of a concept utilised to protect the unique tribles from Rajasthan.

The entire resort represents the beauty and versatility of great Rajasthani structures. The walls were extremely well decorated and left us amazed with pure food, plaster of cow dung, unique wall decorations, Bani Thani art, etc. The resort also organized various events such as the manujhar, evening performances, etc. The resort is located in the middle of massive lush green fields.

Disco Club in Chokhi Dhani
Disco Club in Chokhi Dhani | Image Resource :

The entire Chokhi Dhani Indore Resort offers different types of facilities which are bound to woo youngsters with their never ending opportunities. It is divided into different spaces such as panchayat ghar, fun city, disco club, smaroh sthal, etc. Another thing which will surely keep you mesmerized is Rajasthani cuisine.

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