The Daly College Indore- Famous for Its Rich Association with Indian History

The next destination in our list was the famous Day College Indore which was established by Sir Henry Daly, a member of the British Indian Army at the time of the British Raj. It is extremely famous for its rich association with the education system of the country. It was opened for the first time in 1870 when it was simply called as Residency School. It got a new name as East Rajkumar College in the year 1876 and then the present name six years later.

Entrance Daly College Indore
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It was originally founded by the Governor of the then Presidency in order to provide proper education to the children of nobility, aristocracy and royalty of Princely States of Central India belonging to the Bundelas, Rajpurs, Mohameddans and Marathas. It is actually a residential, co-ed public school with affiliation from CIE and CBSE. It is regarded to be in the list of most ancient co-ed boarding schools across the globe. One of the college officers informed us that it presently enrols over 2000 students belonging to different parts of the world.

It holds credit for being one of the top educational institutes of the world thanks to its wide range of unique modernized facilities. The Daly College served as a host to the very first International Round Square Conference in 2007 which was attended by former ruler of Greece, King Constantine II. We also came to know that India Post had released a stamp to commemorate the event in the month of December, 2007.
It falls in the list of G20 Schools and very recently opened a Business School in partnership with De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. We came to know that Lord Northbrook, Governor General and Viceroy of India had visited the school in 1875 and renamed it as Indore Residency College.

The name was then changed to the present one in order to commemorate Sir Henry Daly’s contribution. In 1885, it was Lord Dufferin, India’s Governor General and Viceroy, who had laid the foundation stone for the new building. In 1898, the College was expanded with the merger of the Rajkumar School in Nowgaon near Bundelkhand. Some of the eminent figures who were patrons of the College include Lord Wavell, Lord Linlithgow, Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, etc.

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