Train Travel from Yesvantpur Junction Bangaluru to Indore Junction Was Long but Full of Fun

Being in the world of IT, I seldom get time to plan a long holiday and go out somewhere with my friends. I have always been an avid lover of travelling and adventurous activities. During my younger days, I never shied away from participating in any trip planned by my friends. But the work pressure at my office keeps me on my toes all the time.

But that doesn’t mean that I hate my job. This time, I had holidays for around 10 days in succession and so decided not to waste it by sleeping and relaxing. I contacted some of my colleagues and even they wanted to go somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of Bengaluru.

Some of the words which bring out the maximum excitement in me include adventure, sports, wildlife and nature. Another passion of mine is photography. I have bought a good quality DSLR camera after working hard for so long and love to use it to capture memories. I have travelled to different places in the country and got involved in various adventurous activities such as sailing, paragliding and bungee jumping. I have always dreamt of a day when I could actually scale down the massive Himalayas.

After a lot of quarrels regarding the destination we would go, we finally came to the conclusion that we would be travelling to the heart of the country and nothing could be better than Indore. Indore is one such city in India which has a deep association with the nation’s history.

Yeshvantpur Junction
Yeshvantpur Junction | Image Resource :

In fact, we knew that the local residents of Indore still retain their age old traditions and still follow them. The Bangalore to Indore travel route has a distance of around 1900 km. Some of my colleague couldn’t avail a flight ticket and so we all decided to travel by train. This is because a journey via train always takes time but the experience of travelling is simply exquisite. We decided to travel by YPR INDB Express.

The YPR INDB Express left the Yeshvantpur Junction (YPR) at around 11.30 in the morning and covered the entire Bangalore to Indore travel route in approximately 54 hours. The journey was certainly long but we didn’t have the opportunity to get bored thanks to my hilarious colleagues.

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