The Lotus Temple – A Beautiful Heavenly Structure on Earth

It was a magnificent view which I have ever seen in life. A colossal lotus blossom like structure was amazing in the splendid daylight. Indeed, even before entering, I could feel the extremely tranquil and peaceful environment. The whole structure was made of immaculate smooth white marble, which looked phenomenal from a separation. It is also called the Bahai temple and was planned by the Canadian designer Fariborz Sabha completed in 1986.

The temple was built by marble, concrete, dolomite and sand. It's the final one of the seven noteworthy temples of Bahai built far and wide. The lotus image was picked as it is normal to Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Jainism. The Lotus Temple is interested in all individuals paying little respect to their religion. Anybody can go there to love, ruminate or simply invest a tranquil time with themselves or with their crew. It is an epitome of openness empowered by Bahai laws.

Lotus Temple Delhi
Lotus Temple Delhi | Image Resource :

The temple has a radiant configuration. There are 27 delightful substantial white petals of an unfolding lotus blossom made with marble. The temple has nine entryways and nine inward petals and is encompassed by nine pools of water and walkways. The 9 pools of water imply the nine otherworldly binding together ways of confidence. The pools of water light up in common sunlight. It was a spectacular view at 6 pm, during sunset.

Nobody was permitted to talk there as the temple is implied for love and reflection. The main corridor is plain and level secured with ceramic tiles and around 34 meters high. There were engravings of sacrosanct Bahai scriptures everywhere throughout the petal niches. The delightful green gardens around the temple offer ascent to an extremely satisfying climate. In the midst of all these I felt tranquility and calmness more than ever.

It was around 6:30 pm, that the temple was looking bewildering when it was all lit up in the midst of the dull night. It was my last day of stay in Delhi. I wanted to visit one more area the following day and afterwardback to my daily routines. I chose to visit the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and Teen Murti Bhavan, the previous habitation of our first Prime Minister as my last and last visit.

Lotus Temple Interiors
Lotus Temple Interiors | Image Resource :

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