Mangeshi Temple Goa- The Soothing Holy Environment

My next spot was Mangeshi Temple Goa which is located in the Mangeshi village of Priol, in a taluka known as Ponda. Since I knew that the city could be best explored on foot, I wandered along the river front abd took a stroll under overhanging street arcades before entering the temple. I saw trees laden with guavas and ripened papayas.

Entrance Mangeshi Temple Goa
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As the temple was not near so we hired a car. It took one hour to reach the temple. The soothing holy environment of the place was enchanting us. There were lots of little stores on the way to temple. I took flowers for worshipping Lord Shiva, as I have great respect for him. Mangeshi Temple Goa was a beautiful temple and was very clean. I had heard a lot about the temple from a friend of mine who was an ardent follower of Lord Shiva. I remember I had called him before entering the temple to know about the do’s and don’ts inside the temple. I also came to know that foreigners were not permitted to enter the temple mainly due to their clothes.

It is the biggest temple of Goa and has a golden statue of Lord Shiva. It has got Portuguese styled architecture. The temple’s premise was huge with a water pond on one side. I offered my prayers during my visit to temple. The place was peaceful with positive vibes flowing all around. It was really a great place with holy atmosphere away from noisy city life. Shorts are not allowed in this temple. Lord Shiva is one of the local deities of the Goans. It is the beautiful temple with a “deepmala” and is renowned for the great singer Lata Mangeskar. The singer’s family traces its roots to this village.

It is said that when Lord Parvati was searching Lord Shiva, she got scared seeing the tiger that was the Lord himself and shouted for help from him. Shiva settled down in Kushasthal with Parvati in a nearby village. It has got all the components of Hindu temple like the prakara, garbha griha, grand towers and mini shrines. I was very tired and sat in the temple for a while. After sometime we left the place with positive vibes and headed towards our hired car for my hotel.

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