Se Cathedral Church Goa- Calm, Quiet and Holy

I was really enjoying the beauty of Goa. One of my friends was a Christian who had told me a lot about some of the most famous churches present in the state. He had told me to visit the Se Cathedral church and Basilica of Boon Jesus so we planned to visit these two places at least as I was short of time and had tickets booked on the following day, back to Kolkata. I had many more destinations to visit in Goa. From the Vagator beach, I hired a cab which took me directly to the church. The driver was a very friendly guy and he told me many unique and unknown things about Goa. It took some time to reach the place as it was located in Old Goa.

Se Cathedral Church Goa
Se Cathedral Church Goa | Image Resource :

Se Cathedral Church Goa is said to be the biggest church in the entire continent. It attracts plenty of visitors throughout the year. And during the Christmas the local people find it hard to tackle the large population of visitors arriving at the church. I also hired a local guide as I wanted to know everything about the church in full details. According to the guide, it is dedicated to the Catherine of Alexandria. The church architecture style is Portuguese – manueline. There was a giant bell “Golden Bell” with a rich tone. I saw the panels where St. Catherine lived and the scenes were depicted.

There were five huge bells in the church, including the Golden Bell. The bell was made out of an alloy of Gold and other metals. It is renowned as the largest bell across the globe. St.Paul’s and St.Peter’s wooden statues were there on either side of the nave. The inner décor of the Cathedral was Corinthian; it is also believed that the The Cross of Miracles in the church was credited with phenomenal powers.

Interior Se Cathedral Church Goa
Interior Se Cathedral Church Goa | Image Resource :

The local people believed that they saw a vision of Christ on crucifix and the rock in which it was found is known to spout water and the size of rock along with the quantity of water are progressively growing. I felt blessed as I visited the church which was really fantastic and the environment was quite. It was one of the heritage places of Goa. To the left side of the entrance, there were four chapels, showcasing Our Lady of Virtues, The Blessed Sacrament, St. Sebastian and Our Lady of Life. Towards the right side also there were four chapels dedicated to St.Anthony, St.Bernard, Holy Ghost and the Cross of Miracles. It is a must visit attraction of Goa. The positive vibes gets transferred to the visitors of the Church and I also experienced the same.

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