Anjuna Beach Goa- A Hippies Paradise

I wanted to cover maximum places in the few days that I planned to stay in Goa, I took the ride from Colva beach to Anjuna beach Goa that is about 50 kms and took me almost an hour to get there. As usual, which is my practice to stop and capture the beauty of the places along the way; the journey does take more than the stipulated time it was like travelling from one end of Goa to the other. Anjuna is located in North Goa and Colva is in South Goa. This beach is famous for its flea markets on Wednesdays. One can buy almost anything from clothes, junk jewelry to electronics but beware you can be cheated too what with all the junkies selling even the clothes they wear to earn money for their dope.

Flea Markets Goa
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My main reason for going to Anjuna Beach Goa was I wanted to go bungee jumping and paragliding. I was told that, this is the best place as they have a lovely cliff from where you can do it. I am mad behind adventurous sports and it gives me a big boost to indulge in it. You feel like you are on the top of the world when you go through these sports. The risk factor makes it even more daring and wanting to try it out.  When gliding I feel free like the birds that fly without a care in the world; an awesome feeling of a sense of freedom.

Anjuna Beach Goa
Anjuna Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Anjuna Beach Goa has many sights to see like the Chapora fort and the various shacks on the beaches that cater mainly to the hippies and to us tourists. My day was totally a fulfilling day with a visit to the beautiful temple and to the two most beautiful beaches of Goa. Felt I had achieved a lot more than I bargained for. Had a quick dinner of Prawns and rice and headed back to my hotel for a fitful sleep dreaming of the skies, the birds and the mountains. I truly loved the beauty and nature of Goa. From the Anjuna beach, I went on to relax in a hotel so that I could relax and get ready for the next day’s trip.

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