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The best part of travelling in Goa is to hire a motorcycle and zip around wherever you would love to go. I just did the same and zoomed on my Yamaha bike that I hired through a local lad that was cheap and very convenient for travel in Goa. The ride from the temple of Shanta Durga to Colva beach was 17 Kms and took me a little less than half an hour. Another advantage was that I could go on capturing the various locales and sights on my camera and take in the breathtaking beauty of Goa. Colva beach Goa is located in the village of Salcette in south Goa. It is one of the second largest beaches of India, the first being the Marina beach in Chennai.

Colva Beach Goa
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I was looking for some great seafood and some local feni as they say while in Goa do as the Goans do. Therefore, before anything else, I headed for a restaurant on the beach of Colva and ordered only one peg of feni as did not want to indulge in more. Ordered some lovely fish curry rice and fried fish to go with it and enjoyed it, as this was the first proper meal I had after I left Bangalore yesterday. Colva beach is very broad and beautiful and has a small stream flowing through it. Though the sun was hot, it was a lovely sight with the water simmering like sparkling stars and the fishing trawlers in the far horizon moving for its catch of the sea, a true photographer’s delight I must say. Teeming with tourists and locals it made a very colorful sight the Hippies, the Goans, and the other Indians. Each has its own characteristic.

Fish Curry
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The nightlife of Colva beach Goa is as famous as the evening outings on the beach. I entrusted my sling bag containing my camera and my valuables at the restaurant payment counter as it was safer there than with anyone else and went for a small dip in the sea just to feel the salty sea water on my legs and relax before going on my next stop the famous Anjuna Beach.

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