Shanta Durga Temple Goa- God’s Paradise

Goa known as the land of fun, food and frolic is also the land of churches, temples and beaches. Every village has its own temple and church. I wanted to start my journey with a visit to the temple and seek the blessings of the almighty hence the foremost one was the Shanta Durga temple Goa that is situated in Kavellim village in the Ponda Taluka of Goa.

Goddess Shanta Durga is the family deity of many Konkani Saraswat Brahmins and Bhandaris, including mine. This temple is located on the slope of the foothills of a mountain that were breathtaking in the morning sun and surrounded by lush vegetation. As with the other temples in Goa, this temple too has guesthouses for pilgrims to stay. This temple was recently on the news for banning the entry of foreigners who were not dressed appropriately and as are the hippies of Goa who are always dressed scantily.

Shanta Durga Temple
Shanta Durga Temple | Image Resource :

The foundation of the Shanta Durga temple Goa was laid in the year 1730 and completed in the year 1738, a good 8 years to build it. After that, it was renovated in the year 1966, which till today is as good as if it was renovated yesterday.  One can see a beautiful blend of Indo-Portuguese architecture with the stained glass windows and the domes, its different colored chandeliers just makes it beautiful. One can just sit in the temple and hear the temple bells ringing and mesmerizing you with its prayers and bhajans going on from time to time.

Deepa Stambha
Deepa Stambha | Image Resource :

The highlight of this temple is the Golden Palki- a carriage that is taken out in processions on festive occasions. I enjoyed clicking pictures of the different idols in the main temple and of the deep stambha and the sacred water tank. The lush emerald hills surrounding the temple were luring me to just plan a small trek up the hills and bask in its beauty.  The coconut trees, the rice fields and the different birds specially the cranes were a sight too good for a photograph not to miss. I thoroughly enjoyed going click click on my SLR and waiting to get back to Bangalore and develop the photographs. After offering a small prayer, I took leave of this beautiful temple for my next stop, the Colva beach near Margao.

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