Train Travel from Bangalore to Goa by Vlkn Vsg Express-A South to West Coast Experience

I was long planning this holiday to Goa for a quick getaway for a much-needed break from my PC to rejuvenate and the best place to unwind was Goa, noted for its famous beaches, shrines and a carefree leisure lifestyle as the goans say Susegad. The reason for selecting train travel from Bangalore to Goa by the Vlkn Vsg express over air is that it offers many nature sights on the way for me to capture on my SLR.  You get the afternoon to gaze out and click pictures to your heart’s content, you get the  evening setting sun and then a good night’s rest, after which early the next day you are refreshed to reach Goa. You also have the whole day for your sightseeing. Due to my busy schedule I booked my tickets using the irctc app. I started my journey from Yeshvantpur railway station at 1.30 P.M. that fortunately was on time.

The train going from one state to the other is beautiful to watch as one can at once capture the differences by way of houses, stations and other things that have distinct characteristics of that particular state. Since I had already taken my meals at home, I was satiated and relaxed, got a nice window seat and started capturing the beautiful scenes on my camera. The areca nut trees at Birur station with the sun setting in the horizon and peeping through the trees was just stunning. I got down at the station and managed to capture this picture beautifully, though the halt was just 2 minutes. Towards early evening the pantry car vendors were taking orders for the night meal, I booked my meal and settled down looking out in the dark as here and there light showed the silhouettes of the beautiful mountains looking gloomy in the dark. I also kept everything ready, as the train was to reach Vasco station by 6.00 A.M. Slept early since I wanted to get at and see the sights of castle Rock station.

Vasco Station
Vasco Station | Image Resource :

When the train reached the station, I took my camera and alighted as the train was scheduled to halt here for about 10 minutes. I had a hot cup of tea on the platform. The beauty was extraordinary though it was dark; my night vision camera got some great pics of the mountains and Ghats around the station. A place I planned to visit in the near future. The train reached Goa at 6.30 A.M. and I exited the station, got in a cab and reached my hotel to get fresh and embark on my trip for the day the Shanta Durga Temple in Goa. The train travel from Bangalore to Goa by the Vlkn Vsg express is worth a mention.

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