Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad – Proudly Retains the Flavour of Nizams


Travelling to Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad was very special to me. It allowed me to soak in the charming sights of the city. With great historical background it was a must-visit place for me. This Royal Palace of Hyderabad Nizams was completed in 1880 by Asaf Jahi Dynasty. It is a replica of palace of Shah Iran of Tehran. Nizams used this palace as their official residence where they used to entertain their guests or Royal visitors. Royal ceremonies along with accession ceremony of Nizams were held here. The panoramic view at the entrance of the palace was captivating.


Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad
Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad | Image Resource :


A fusion of diverse architectural style influenced it many decades. I was very much enthusiast to know all about its history and was deeply struck by this style of architecture as I moved inside the palace. The palace houses two courtyards known as northern courtyard and southern courtyard. These courtyards have palaces, The Grand Khilwat or Dharbar Hall, fountains and impressive gardens. The Southern side courtyard being the most olden part was built in interesting Neo-Classical Style. It has four palaces, which are Aftab Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, Tahniyat Mahal and Afzal Mahal.


View of Chowmahalla from Aftab Mahal
View of Chowmahalla from Aftab Mahal | Image Resource :


The Northern side courtyard of the palace has Bara Imam and Shishe Alat. Bara Imam is a really long walk-way with passage of rooms on its sides. It is said that once it was used for executive wing. Shishe Alat is a mirror reflection building which was then used as rooms for guests by Officers of high rank. Khilwat Mubarak was used as a royal seat by the Dynasty of Asaf Jahi. Here the Nizam had his Durbar and so this place held high value in the people’s eyes. Many symbolic ceremonies as well as religious ceremonies were held here. The Takht-E-Nishan or the seat of Nizam was built on the platform made of shinning marble.


Chowmahalla Palace Interior with chandeliers
Chowmahalla Palace Interior with chandeliers | Image Resource :


With ever watchful eyes I kept on looking to the enticing nineteen chandeliers, which were made of attractive Belgian crystals. The Khilwat Clock at the palace main gate is ticking continuously since 250 long years. I moved towards the Council Hall where I saw antique collection of manuscripts and many priceless books. It is known to be the place where the Nizam use to meet officials and dignitaries. Then I moved to Roshan Bangla, named after Roshan Begum, mother of sixth Nizam. On 15th March 2010 the UNESCO award was presented to Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad for the preservation of this cultural heritage. It was a great pleasure to visit this palace but my eyes kept awaiting the visit to the Golconda fort.


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