Charminar Hyderabad - The Jewel of Hyderabad


The train reached Hyderabad and I stepped out groggy-eyed looking for someone from Hotel Green Leaves. Without wasting time, I started my trip. I was so excited that I took my camera and started my journey with Charminar Hyderabad because I had heard a lot about this monument before visiting this place. I chose this place first because it is an internationally popular monument and it lies in the center of the city making it convenient for me to visit it first.


Charminar Hyderabad
Charminar Hyderabad | Image Resource :


The Charminar is no doubt very beautiful and is a square-shaped structure with each side being 20 meters long with four beautiful grand arches facing a basic point that opens up into four streets. At each corner stands a large minaret having double balcony. As I noticed, the structures were made out of limestone, granite, mortar and marble. The guide there enlightened me that the building of this monument had no definite history as some believed that it was built to celebrate the end of a massive plague that had eradicated the area and some believe that it was built to celebrate the commencement of the Islamic millennium year.


A mosque is also located and it is believed that the roof of mosque was used as the court of the king. It is very huge and the main gallery has large spaces so that it can accommodate the people coming for Friday prayers. A clock and a small fountain was also added in the year 1889, which was used for Ablution before offering prayer. The beauty doesn’t end here as the monument overlooks another grand mosque named Makkah Masjid and on other side it has the Laad Baazar market which has specialty in jewelries, pearls and special antiques. All these monuments made me wondering about the way of construction that happened in past as they used to design beautiful stuffs. I took many pictures of the monument itself from various angles and though I love being at National Parks but these at times do grab my whole attention. 


Makkah Masjid
Makkah Masjid | Image Resource :
Laad Baazar
Laad Baazar | Image Resource :


There is no doubt that Charminar Hyderabad is seriously the jewel of the city and it has attracted many from around the world with its beauty. I was now planning to move ahead and go and visit Chowmahalla Palace next.


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