American College, Madurai – A College Par Excellence Providing Every Possible Knowledge and Information to Its Students

Moving to American College, Madurai was one of the best parts of our travelling itinerary, which endowed us the gift of knowledge and wisdom. Since the college is well connected with other places of Madurai, I did not have any problems regarding fetching the mode of transport from the mosque to the college. As I entered the first building of the college I could see the campus and its vast infrastructure, which encompass the main building of the college in Indo-Saracenic style of construction by Henri Irwin.

American College Madurai
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The other buildings and parts of the campus consists of James Hall, an old building with the department of UG and PG Physics and Chemistry named after Ellen James, a lady, and another building, Jivana Jyoti Block, which is a residential cum computer training center for the physically challenged students. I was touched to see them working on computers after being challenged as this is not their weakness but the strength that is directly blessed. Other buildings are Binghamton Hall, Stoffer Hall, Flint House, Centenary Block, Humanities Hall, Mathematics Hall, Auditorium to organize various institutional programs and seminars, Wallace and Washburn Hall, Ladies Hostel, etc.

The college is well featured in almost all the educational departments such as Physical, Biological, Computer and Social sciences accompanied with Life Skills, Management Studies, Fine Arts, Language and Literature. The college also possesses a huge library, which was established in early 20th century and it had the collection of more than 5000 books in the first year of its opening. The main mission of the library is to provide information and services to satisfy the intellectual needs and curiosity of the users in the college. College canteen and Gymnasium are also worth seeing. Visiting these particular sites reminded me of my college days and quality times with my friends. Other educational programs and sport and games are yearly organized by the college to provide students with various involvement and participation in the extracurricular activities.

Library in American College Madurai
Library in American College Madurai | Image Resource :


American College, Madurai imparts great knowledge and education to the students of India and outside. It is affiliated to the Madurai Kamaraj University and is an autonomous institution. After having a wonderful journey of the distinct places of Madurai, it was the time to have accommodated myself in a hotel and I moved further for the same.


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