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The sole motive behind visiting Madurai was to seek a peaceful atmosphere, which is hardly available in the working ambience of the IT companies. Though the city is crowded like other cities of Tamil Nadu, the religious shrines provided a serene ambience to some extent. After Meenakshi temple, the next place ranking on my must-visit list was Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai. It’s extremely important to know the language of the place where you reside, but while travelling it doesn’t become possible to know the language of the respective place within such a short duration. So when I saw the name of Mariamman Teppakulam as tourist spot of Madurai, I was curious to know what ‘Teppakulam’ meant. I eventually found answer to my question when I searched online and discovered that it’s ‘temple pond’ used for devotional festivals.


Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai
Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai | Image Resource :


On arriving at Mariamman Teppakulam, the composure of the place filled a very positive feeling in me. The Teppakulam is the tank in front of the Vandiyur Mariamman temple, which is connected to the Vaigai River through a number of underground channels. The boat trip to the Vinayakar temple located the centre of the pond was also a wonderful experience. The location of the temple reminded me of Haji Ali in Mumbai. Touching the water from the boat I was back to my childhood days when I always used to play with the water while travelling in a boat with my family and friends. In the silicon city, you cannot really get a chance to experience such an atmosphere with a relaxed mind. So I was highly enjoying the ride though it was a short one. I actually wanted to witness the famous Float festival celebrated in the Teppakulam during the Tamil month of Thai (January/February). Fortunate enough to be on the full moon day of the festival I could capture the mesmerizing sight of colorful flawless waters hued with the reflection of the lighted temple.


Lighted Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai
Lighted Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai | Image Resource :


Before visiting this place I had no idea that Mariamman Teppakulam Madurai would provide me such a wonderful experience, but I have stored every bit of it in my camera. My friends would be a little surprised when they would see the snaps of my vacation but I bet they would love it. To take a break from these temple visits I planned to visit the Gandhi Museum Madurai next to shift the focus from religion to history and I was pretty sure I would like that too.


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