Be Prepared: Unbreakable Smartphones are the Next Big Thing!


Information Technology, or IT, as we lovingly refer to it as -- is a field that has its own charm. Being an IT professional for 3 years now and looking at its prospects, I have developed thoughts about it that IT is a swift stream of water that never really does stop, or even halt.

It goes on flowing and continuously flows, without any disturbances or disruptions. In fact, I would like to credit IT for its immense contribution in the development of the world, as we know it.

Like for instance, mobile phones have come a long way. Decades ago, there was not a single trace of mobiles, let alone smartphones or tablets. Now, we soon will have unbreakable smartphones coming our way! Isn’t that an intriguing thing to take place?


Unbreakable Smartphones
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YES! Now we will not have to face the brunt of our smartphones breaking in or its next-to-delicate screen cracking up as Melbourne-based scientists have devised break-proof smartphones that would appear to be rubber-like.

Thanks to the researchers of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), one of whom is of Indian origin, that a new technology to transfer electronics with greatly accomplished features are coming to the fore. These are usually made on rigorous silicon, which is now being transformed into an evidently flexible surface.

The competence of microelectronic devices to sense, generate, or insulate energy, would be controlled by transparent and thin nanolayers of oxide materials that are often thinner than 1/100th of a single human hair.

According to me, these oxide materials are easily breakable and have high refining temperatures -- commonly more than 300 degree centigrade, which had until now prevented their integration in flexible electronic gadgets.

Besides, this new approach will be using two popular materials, transparent conductive indium tin-oxide, and rubber-like silicone -- which is apparently biodegradable.

Positively then, this novel innovation would overcome the challenges of incorporating oxide materials in bendable electronic gadgets and present a string of exciting applications.

For gizmo freaks, this is sure to be something special to look out for in the fast-approaching time.


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