Mukteswar Temple, Bhubaneswar - Yet another Ancient Monument


Bhubaneswar had truly turned out for its caption which stated that the city is filled with temples. I was actually loving time being spent in temple s and exploring the architectural monuments of the state. Each and every part of the city is truly alluring and bound to win you over. On the sixth day I came up with a plan to visit the Mukteswar Temple is Bhubaneswar. The temple is located in the heart of the city and depicts few marvelous art forms of the bygone era. I made a ticket in the city bus and traveled to the nearest bus stand to the temple. From there I again took an auto and traveled to the temple complex.


Mukteswar Temple
Mukteswar Temple | Image Resource :


The temple was built long ago in the year 950 AD. Being built entirely with sandstone it portrays a different image for itself. The architecture of the temple, its fine structure and sculptures found inside the temple appear to be in sync with each other. This very synchronization makes the complex more enticing and appealing to take a view at.


Sculpture work in Mukteshwar Temple
Sculpture work in Mukteshwar Temple | Image Resource :


The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva blesses through the freedom of yoga and therefore there are different inscriptions and stone carvings on the wall of the temple which depict different poses of Lord Shiva meditating. As I went inside the temple, I was surprised to several other small and big shrines of Lord Shiva and His incarnations. The sagacity of the temple is boasted through the images that are found in the temple. The skilled art forms of the artisans are depicted through the minute details of art which speaks about their perfection. Such perfection and mastery over the art on stones and hard rocks is hardly seen nowadays.

One of the most striking features of the temple is the well that is found in the eastern part of the temple. It is also believed that taking dips in the temple cures infertility. However the well is dry now and thankfully people do not believe in such orthodox ideas anymore.

The Mukteswara Temple was built in the 10th century and one of the temple structures of the city. Every year the temple also celebrates a festival called Mukteswar Utsav in which renowned Odissi dancers perform dance show son the stage set up here.


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