Rajarani Temple, Bhubaneswar - An Ancient Architectural Magnificence


After spending a peaceful time in the Lingaraj temple in the Old Town area of Bhubaneswar, I was not fully satisfied yet. There were three more temples to be visited near that area. Analogous to its name, the Old Town area hosts a range of temples which were constructed hundreds of years ago. The new Bhubaneswar area is rapidly developing with several temples here as well. However if someone wants to view the magnificence of the Kalinga style Indian architecture, then the best place is here. The true essence of ethnic art forms of Odisha can be seen here at the temples found in the Old Town.


Rajarani Temple Bhubaneswar
Rajarani Temple Bhubaneswar | Image Resource : wikimedia.org


I made a visit to the Rajarani temple on the fifth day of my stay in Bhubaneswar. The temple is also known as “the temple of love” as there are several erotic carvings of images of kamasutra poses. The temple was also known as Indreshwara which is now modified as the Rajarani temple. The Vimana is the central shrine of the temple which has a curvilinear spire atop of it. The jagamohana can also be seen which is, the central hall of the temple.

The temple was built somewhere in the 11th or 12th century. The vimana of the temple is clustered with several miniature towers in the temple complex. There are five divisions of temple namely the talajangha, baranda, pabhaga, uparajangha and bandhana. Jagamohana on the other hand is the open porch of the temple.

The striking feature of the temple is that is doesn’t have any deities inside. One can only notice certain features that drag to the Saivite origin. Mostly the temples of the city are deity-based and are dedicated to certain God or Goddess. The Rajarani temple is more like an architectural grandeur which depicts the old art forms and mastery of skilled artisans of the 12th century.

I went round the temple to capture some pictures in my camera. Though I am an amateur photograph I loved taking round of the temple and taking beautiful shots. The temple is kept much clean and is spread across a large area with compound walls from all its sides. It was truly delighting to see such an old monument in the city.


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