Udayagiri Caves, Bhubaneswar - A Reservoir from the Ancient Culture


It was still the third day of my stay in the temple city, Bhubaneswar. On the same day I made a visit to the Khandagiri Caves in the city. The Udaygiri Caves are just opposite to the Khandagiri where the two lines of caves are separated by a narrow roadway in between. So I spent half of the day in Khandagiri and decided to spend the other half of the day at Udaygiri Caves. I just walked down the Khandagiri and climbed to the Udaygiri to explore it more.


Udayagiri Caves Bhubaneswar
Udayagiri Caves Bhubaneswar | Image Resource : wikimedia.org


There are different inscriptions found in these caves which explicitly mention about the stories that did happen long ago in the city. The rulers of the Chedi dynasty were ruling in the city during that time while King Kharavela is known to be one of the famous rulers of the erstwhile Kalinga, which is now Odisha. There are as many as fourteen caves in the Udaygiri unlike the Khandagiri where there are seven caves. If you go on checking the rocky patterns then it will look as if there are numerous caves in the area; however the countable caves in the region speak much about the old and rich past of the state.


Ganesh Gumpha
Ganesh Gumpha | Image Resource : wikimedia.org
Hati Gumpha
Hati Gumpha | Image Resource : wikimedia.org
Bagha Gumpha
Bagha Gumpha | Image Resource : wikimedia.org


The Ganesh Gumpha is housed on the top of a hill and is guarded by the Ganesh statue. It was the earlier place of worship by the Jain monks who used to live here and meditate. The Bagha Gumpha (tiger cave) is yet another fascinating structure seen here which is remarked by the open mouth of a tiger. The town judge used to be the owner of the cave is what is written on the inscription of the cave. The Hati Gumpha (elephant caves) is yet another magnificent cave found here in Udaygriri which has important inscriptions from the period of King Kharavela. Written in Magadhi script, the cave is a masonry shelter where one can find many things for learning as well.

The caves were dug long back and few years back they were partially developed by the Archaeology Survey of India. Now it is a tourist place which is visited by large number of people from outside the country.


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