Khandagiri Caves, Bhubaneswar - An Ancient Structure


It was the third day of my stay in Bhubaneswar. I had a great time on the previous day at Nandankanan Zoological Park which is one of the oldest zoos of the nation. On the third day, I decided to go to the Khandagiri Caves which is to 6 kilometers west of the city center. I took a bus from the Jaydev Vihar Bus Stand and within 15 minutes I reached at the Khandagiri. One beautiful part of the city is that the city is seemingly developing with the massive effort by the Government of Odisha. After Bangalore, it is perhaps the most developed city in terms of Information Technology. Therefore it was adding to my astonishment that a city being so advanced technologically is still grounded with its roots.


Khandagiri Caves
Khandagiri Caves | Image Resource :


The hills of Khandagiri are as old as second century BC. During the time of Jains in the 2nd century, the caves were found. Now the place is surrounded with temples and other Buddhist stupas. The Khandagiri Caves are formed from coarse grained sandstone and the rocky structure of the caves makes it more like a rock climbing experience .There is the Rani Gumpha (Queen’s Cave) where inscriptions from the ancient periods are found. Each and every cave is enumerated with single numbers for their easy recognition. During the reign of King Kharavela, the caves were found. The caves were originally built for the scientific life of the Jain monks who survived thousands of years ago. In the later period, the caves were used by the rulers to hide. The caves are quite low in height and thereby not leaving any scope for the people to stand inside.


Cave Monastery in Khandagiri
Cave Monastery in Khandagiri | Image Resource :
Looking onto the Udayagiri Caves from Khandagiri
Looking onto the Udayagiri Caves from Khandagiri | Image Resource :


There is the Parsvanatha temple which is found atop the Khandagiri and was built in the early 19th century. To the opposite side of the Khandagiri, there are the Udaygiri Caves. Both the cave points are separated by a road that runs in between. Now the area is quite developed with the rising of several malls and shopping stores in the vicinity. The place is much enjoyable for s fun and frolicking time. I clicked loads of pictures of the caves and the temple. It was truly an exciting experience to be there in the Khandagiri Caves.


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