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Being a software developer by profession, it is hard for me to take out time from my packed schedule to make trips with friends. However, sitting in my work space I often contemplate about the utility of the money I am making. No doubt I am earning a good sum of money for living a luxury filled life, but I often fail to find pleasure of the ecstatic life by sitting on the chair. Therefore, since few years I have taken the pledge of taking at least a week long holiday to make the full utilization of time and money on myself. This year also I planned to make a trip to the Land of Temples and heritage, Odisha which is one of the oldest states of the country. I booked my tickets in the Prasanthi Express from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar.


Bangalore City Junction
Bangalore City Junction | Image Resource :


The train starts from the Bangalore City junction and ends at Bhubaneswar. The entire distance of the journey is of 1556 kilometers. Keeping the long distance in my mind, I decided to book the tickets in the 2-tier air conditioned class. The bogy of the 2-tier AC class is much cleaner than the other compartments of the train. The train operates everyday from the Bangalore Junction to Bhubaneswar Railway Station and therefore I started off from a weekend. It was a Saturday afternoon when I took a half day leave from the office to travel to Odisha.


Prasanthi Express
Prasanthi Express | Image Resource :


The Prasanthi Express started from the platform at around 2 pm in the afternoon. I stepped up from the Bangalore City junction in Karnataka. After traveling a certain distance the train stopped again at the Bangalore Cant from where more people got up. The train passed through several major junctions of the state like Yelhanka, Hindupur, Anantpur, Gooty, Nandyal, Guntur junction. Within Andhra Pradesh, the train covered Rajamundry, Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam, finally making its way to Odisha where it crossed Barhampur, Chatrapur, Balugan and finally reached at the Bhubaneswar junction at around 9 pm in the evening. The journey was relaxing as I could not feel the heat outside. With a more than 30 hours of journey, I had spent most of the time sleeping in the train.


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