Visakhapatnam Port, Visakhapatnam - A Busy and Organized Port Worth Visiting


From the Simhachalam Temple, I traveled straight to the famous Visakhapatnam Port, which is known for its class and demand. The port is located in one of the prime areas of the city and it is one of the leading ports in the country. The port is well-placed in the east coast of the country and it has three harbors in the form of the inner harbor, outer harbor and fishing harbor. The outer harbor covers an area of around 2000 hectares while the inner harbor is spread over 100 hectares. The place has a huge area and it is not open for all the tourists. The port is bestowed with a naturally deep basin and it is capable of accommodating around 150,000 T vessels. Visakhapatnam is the largest and oldest shipyard in the country. It is the natural harbor on the costal lines of the country. Moreover, it is the headquarters for the Eastern Naval Commands of the Navy.


Visakhapatnam Port
Visakhapatnam Port | Image Resource :
Visakhapatnam Port Harbour View
Visakhapatnam Port Harbour View | Image Resource :
Ship Darshani Prem at Visakhapatnam seaport
Ship Darshani Prem at Visakhapatnam seaport | Image Resource :


The port is used for almost all exports and imports and many ships come to this port from other countries. Its location is quite near to the Vishakhapatnam city. I was extremely overjoyed for having the opportunity to explore one of the busiest ports in the country. The day was quite tiring for me and for that purpose I thought of taking some rest at a nearby restaurant and meanwhile ordered for my lunch. After a tiring day spent in visiting some of the most renowned places of the city, I was starving and delighted at the sight of some food. Moreover, I loved to taste the different kinds of cuisines whenever I visited a new place. I ordered vada and idli as I knew they were extremely famous in this part of the country. While having my delicious lunch, I talked with some of the locals, who were mostly fisherman or individuals working in the Port.


Vada and Idli
Vada and Idli | Image Resource :


After spending some quality time and learning a lot from the Visakhapatnam Port in Visakhapatnam, it was time for me to move to my next destination and it was the King George hospital. The hospital is one amongst the most reputed old hospitals in the area. I took an auto as it was quite near to the port.


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