Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 : Feature-rich, Budget-friendly Smartphone!


Smartphones. What comes to your mind when someone says “smartphone”. Let me guess… A phone that is apparently “smart”? Maybe. Nevertheless, how can a phone be personified and given the quality of being smart?

I know you must be guessing Adway has gone crazy today, but seriously, what it takes a phone to be smart? Any answers?

Literally, and personally, I DO NOT like smartphones at all! Although I am an IT professional and a person who loves to be at par with technology trends and advances, I gravely dislike owning a substantially huge-screened smartphone, for which I would, need a third hand to get hold of it.

Secondly, why should I go for an exorbitantly priced gadget that is perhaps smarter than me?

Nevertheless, all my thoughts and doubts about smartphones were transformed for good looking at this decent piece - Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392.


Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392
Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 | Image Resource :


This is one of those apt-looking pieces that I would recommend to someone who is looking for basic smartphone features, good design, budget-price, and touchscreen!

Let us look at basic features of this particular smartphone -

  • 4-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen
  • 3 MP primary camera
  • Android (Jelly Bean) OS
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • FM Radio
  • Expandable storage capacity of 32GB

This smartphone certainly meets basic requirements of any mobile phone user. Evidently low-priced, and has been crafted to excellence.

Precisely, you could make calls, browse internet, click photos, and capture videos, enjoy FM radio and make the most of the high-powered Android Jelly Bean operating system.

One of the big concerns for me was its size. Nevertheless, the handset comes with a decent make and weighs around 125 grams. There are two navigation buttons on the front and the touchscreen works very well.

My friends were shocked and surprised with my choice in the form of Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392, because they were convinced that I would never let go of my age-old Nokia handset.

The best part, Trend S7392 comes within a budget-price, which revolves around INR 7500. It is soon going to be mine, as I am treating myself to this particular smartphone on my upcoming birthday! If the features lure you too, go ahead and make it all yours.


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