The Vadakkunnathan Temple, Kerala - Famous for Its History


After tasting one of the exotic cuisines of Kerala, I planned to visit the famous Vadakkunnathan temple, which is one of the most ancient temples in the country. The temple has been established since the ancient times and is particularly dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated in the city of Thrissur. The temple showcases the ancient style and architectural design that are followed from the ancient times. The structure and architecture also replicated the designs and traditions that were followed in that state. I could see various monumental towers on all four sides and in-between there was the koothambalam. There were various paintings that were used for designing the inside portion of the temple. It depicted various stories of ancient times. It was worth visiting the temple and I cherish the experience even today.


View of Vadakkunnathan Temple
View of Vadakkunnathan Temple | Image Resource :


The temple was covered with different kinds of mural paintings, which were quite famous in the state. These paintings brought into light the various ancient stories and events that happened during that time. The shrines of Lord Shiva and the koothambalam were designed with wooden structures, which were carved into the walls of the temple. The inner portion of the temple was separated from that on the outside by a circular wall made of granite. The temple, along with the Mural paintings, was one of the most famous national monuments and was declared special by the Government of India. The place was amongst the ancient remains and archaeological sites that were under protection. According to the local traditions, it was believed that the temple was built by Parasurama, and was the sixth manifestation of Vishnu.


Vadakkunnathan Temple Kerala
Vadakkunnathan Temple Kerala | Image Resource :


The ground that was encircled with the Vadakkunnathan temple, Kerala was the main venue where the Thrissur Pooram was conducted. The non Hindus were never allowed to enter the temple. I learnt that the Archaeological Survey department of India came up with a few recommendations the last year. The organization declared that the temple would feature in the list of 14 sites, which would be amongst the list of World Heritage Sites. I could easily see the reasons for that kind of declaration.


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