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After having an amazing experience at the famous bird sanctuary, I reached my next destination, which was the famous Beypore Beach Kerala. The place is quite famous amongst historians and other tourists who visit the state. It is one of the best destinations in Kerala and is famous for a beautiful view of nature and also the Arabian Sea. The beach is located on the mouth of the River Chaliyar, which is around 10 kilometres away from the Kozhikode city, also known as Calicut. Beypore was a famous port and different kinds of tasks related to trade and business were carried out in ancient times. The place also marked different maritime centers, which were extremely well-known in those days. The merchants used to trade through the port in ancient times and dealers from China, Europe and other Arabian countries used to make various deals. Another most attractive place in that area is the famous ship building industry, which is 1500 years old.


Beypore Beach Kerala
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Beypore is amongst the ancient ports that are under the Kozhikode municipality corporation. It is located in the Kozhikode district. The port city was formerly known as the Vadaparappanad. However, the famous ruler Tipu Sultan renamed the town as Sultan Pattanam, which had a famous beach as well. Today it is famous and hot favourite amongst travellers visiting the state. In the ancient times, the place was well-known for its wooden ships, which were also known as the Dhows or Urus in the local Malayalam language. Usually the Arabian merchants used to buy the ships for different purposes. However, those ships were used mainly for fishing and tourism at that time.

The Beypore Beach Kerala is a good spot for tourists and I enjoyed every bit of my travel to that place. The sea shore was close and I could relax for some time. The best part about such short trips was that it helped me to relax and get the necessary relief from the hectic schedule of my day-to-day life. It was believed that the Beypore beach was linked with Mesopotamia and was quite prominent in those days. I learnt that various ships sailed from that port to different parts of the globe.


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