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I love visiting different places and try out different kinds of cuisines, which are famous there. Last time when I visited Kerala, I had the chance to taste the famous Kerala wedding food – Sadhya, which was quite well-known in the entire country. Sadhya became the hallmark for typical Kerala families and presently, it is famous in the entire country. The traditional dishes are prepared in almost all common functions and celebrations organized in the state. The meal is presented to the guests during various religious festivals.


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The people serving the food ensured that it is totally hygienic and luxurious. The meal is quite famous because of different kinds of specialties and I happened to get the chance to taste the dishes. I loved the food and it had lots of varieties in it. It is amongst the best vegetarian dishes and quite favoured by locals. I came to know that Sadhya meant banquet in the local language and is a traditional feast of the local people. The food is a vegetarian dish and is served on banana leaves to people who sit cross legged on a mat. People have the food using their right hand.

The locals informed that a single Sadhya could hold nearly 26 dishes. I knew that the Kerala wedding food – Sadhya was prepared mostly by men. The larger Sadhya could hold more than 64 items. Plain and boiled rice acts as the main dish and is served with various dishes, which are known as Kootan. The dish includes curries such as pulisseri, rasam, olan, mango pickle, thoran, kaalan, buttermilk, plantain chips, and papadum. The conventional payasam acts as the dessert.


Sadhya Items
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Coconut oil and coconut, which are abundant in the state, serve as the main constituent of this food. The oil is utilized for frying as well. I could see that special places were reserved on the leaf for the different dishes, which form the Sadhya. While the pickles were served on one corner, the banana was served on another corner. Vegetables like pineapples, carrots and beans were used while preparing the dish. I came to know that people hardly used garlic and onion while preparing the dish.


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