Parthasarathy Temple Chennai Fills Within You A Fresh Energy


After my return from St. George Fort to my hotel, I had my lunch and had rest for a couple of hours. Then I decided to go to Parthasarathy Temple Chennai, which is one of the famous temples here, located near the Marina Beach. I had the cab arranged at the hotel and reached the temple by 4.30 pm. the temple opens for worship at 5.30 am and remains open till 12 noon. Then it closes for the afternoon and opens at 4.00 pm, and remains open till 9 pm.



It is a very ancient temple built in the 8th century by the Pallava rulers, and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is the only temple where Lord Krishna has a moustache. Parthasarathy is a Sanskrit word, which means Charioteer for Arjuna. The temple is built in Dravidian style with gopurams (towers) and mandapas (pillars). They are elaborately carved and sculptured, and where excellent pieces of architecture.


Parthasarathy Temple Chennai
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There are two gopurams in the temple, one on the eastern side and the other on the western side. As I entered inside, I saw that there were many shrines other than the main shrine. There are two main shrines that stand back to back. One of them has the deity of Parthsarathy, facing the east. The other one that faces west has the deity of Narasimha. It is aid that praying at the shrine of Narasimha cures you of all your diseases. Behind the shrine there is a small bin, where the devotees put a mixture of salt and pepper. The three avtars of Vishnu, Rama, Narasimha and Krishna are found here.


God In Temple
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Inside the temple it was very calm and quiet and it gave me a feeling of being transformed into another world, away from the daily chaos and worries. I prayed at the main shrine and also at other shrines and put some coins at every shrine. As I started circumambulating the temple, I felt peace and tranquility engulfing me. Since there was not much crowd in the temple, I was able to pray peacefully and came out felling rejuvenated with the spirituality of the temple. By 7 pm in the evening I was at the hotel.


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