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It was my brother’s birthday, so I called him to give my best wishes and remind him that he is getting old. He sounded happy as my dad bought him a “Sony Xperia z” which according to me is an awesome/expensive mobile phone. It is one of the most awaited mobile releases by Sony. The features and design of this phone is quite interesting. In the blog I will be discussing about features, design and sharing some of the facts about this phone.

Sony Xperia Z
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Sony Xperia Z is a high-end android smartphone with great-quality touchscreen sensitivity the release of phone was announced at Consumer Electronics Show 2013 by Sony. It has a five-inch screen with a 1920x1080 display. One thing that makes this baby special is it’s 1.5GHz quad core processor that allows you carry out multiple task in a flash,Xperia Z also blesses it’s buyers with an amazing 13 megapixel camera sensor giving them a chance to capture their best moments in High quality.

With it High definition display resolutions it gives phones such as HTC one, Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5 a run for their money. This HD display allows the Xperia Z user to clearly view document such as a web page. Such a feature allows the reader to understand the content even without zooming. This makes the browsing experience lot smoother and faster. Here is a hidden fact about Xperia Z i.e. its screen size is a bit larger than its competitors which makes reading document enjoyable for its users.

This phone offers its users with a great gaming and display experience. If you love playing games, watching videos or movies; this Smartphone is made for you. However, when it comes to battery power, Xperia Z can be described as average (providing 5.5 hrs. of video playback). Since, it is an Android phone (Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system) it requires regular charging.

Talking about its glass body, according to me it satisfactory. It is said that Xperia Z uses Dragon trail glass in the front side and Gorilla Glass on the back. This makes it tough, but some people may find it to be uncomfortable when compared to other phones such as HTC one (as it is much lighter than “Z”). However, when it comes to toughness and durability Xperia Z offers its buyer a water resistant, dust proof, rock solid smartphone they do not have to worry about accidentally dropping their phone.

My verdict on this phone is that with Superb camera, lighting-fast and responsive quad-core processor and a tough body; Sony Xperia Z is worth every single penny you invest.

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