Sinhgad Fort Pune – Witness The Grandeur Of Shivaji Maharaj !

It was just 12pm and the clouds hadn’t disappeared. I was in no mood to go back after witnessing the exquisite Fortune Art Gallery. It was time for another long drive and I was back on my bike. It had got colder and breeze was stronger. Wow! I was happy. Actually very happy because my parents stayed in Mumbai and I didn’t have to answer them for the delay. I stirred through busy Pune roads and reached the highway back.

The fuel tanker pointer neared E and it was time to give some beer to my bike, its favourite! I stopped at a petrol station and filled my bikes tummy! It costed me a whooping 850 rupees! It was high time that I did something for the economy to come up. My bike gave a sigh of relief and said ‘Let go my hero’ and we were on the roads again.

Now, it was the time to perch on the Sahayadri hill and say a hello to The Impressive Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. I was back to Mumbai Pune Bypass Road and took the Sinhgad road that ends at the exalted Sinhgad Fort. After and other 45mins drive I was at the foot hills of the hills on which Sinhgad was located. ‘What a beauty’, I said and move uphill to reach the fort. I remember of having read about the Battle of Sinhgad in one of my history text books a decade back. The roads took me back to the time of Shivaji Maharaja’s reign. I could visualize Tanaji’s army fighting to swords with no fear. The words of Shivaji, ‘Gad aala pan sinha gela’ which meant ‘Fort captured but lost the Tiger’ still echoed the walls of fort as during the great battle of Sinhagad, Shivaji had lost Tanaji, a general of him.

My camera had to play its role. I parked my bike and decided to climb up the hills to reach the fort. The view of city from top of the fort was picturesque. The fort was well build with intelligence. The establishment build nearly 2000 years ago still stands strong after having passed through hands of several rulers. The walls in the fort read stories of Shivaji Maharaj. I was happy that I could meet Shivaji Maharaj and the noble emperor sent ‘Hello’s’ for you too.

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