Fortune Art Gallery Pune : I Want To Be An Artist Too!

A Holiday! It was actually Sunday and I had just woken up by a loud thud! Thinking someone was banging the door, I ran towards the door and heard another thud. Oh, they were the clouds. Clouds spread in the sky, the sky was dark and it was heavily thundering. Breeze blew the curtains off and a cold puff of air pushed in. Wow! Another great day I thought! I quickly was on my slippers into the bathroom whitening my teeth. I started thinking how this wonderful day could be spent. And here I was with a plan! I decided to explore the chic city, Pune.


Mumbai Pune Bypass Road
Mumbai Pune Bypass Road | Image Resource :

Nothing could be better than a drive on a long ending road in this climate. I pulled over my bike and here I was at 90km/hour on the Mumbai Pune Bypass Road. Woooo! Nothing could take me faster. It was fun. After moving for a few kilometres between speeding cars and trucks I slowed down near a coffee shop. A hot cup of coffee for a cold weather! What else I desired for? Though bitter, the coffee tasted sweet as never before.


A hot cup of coffee
A hot cup of coffee | Image Resource :

I was back on wheels driving at 60 enjoying the swiftness of the water filled cold breeze. And I remembered my friend telling me to visit the Fortune Art Gallery located on Bhandarkar Road in Deccan Gymkhana. And a sign board on the corner of road read ‘7kms Deccan Gymkhana’. I made up my mind and took the left towards Deccan gymkhana.

Deccan Gymkhana
Deccan Gymkhana | Image Resource :

I was excited about visiting the art gallery. As a youth I was quiet fascinated by art. After 15 minutes ride through the traffic filled road I was there. The Fortune Art Gallery stood in front of me! Though it looked simple, it was elegant.I geared up my camera and was all set to keep clicking. As I entered it was as picturesque as the Western Ghats, as beautiful as a newly wedded bride! Fortune Art Gallery was neatly loaded with exceptional art works by eminent artisans from India and abroad. My eyes keep shining. Every colour in the frame looked perfect to occupy that place. It was nice. I purchased one of the pieces for Rs. 3200. I swear, it was worth the amount! A beautiful art work! I wished I was an artist too.


My rout map from mumbai to pune


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