Saras Baug Pune : A Beautiful Natural Paradise!

Hey all! Adway Chavan is my name and I am called Adi. I am an IT professional working for a leading software company. Unlike many, I don’t have regrets working round the clock typing codes, checking errors and debugging myself. That’s the life of an IT professional and I am loving it! I also take pleasure in other non professional adventurous activities like trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding and sailing too. As every youth in his mid 20’s I also love looking around for beautiful girls and capturing their pretty faces in my camera. Yes, I am a photography enthusiast too!

To relish my adventurist skills and cram my camera roll, I usually go on road trips, vacations and adventure holidays. It’s truly adventurous. As I am still an unmarried chap, fear is far away! And this time, as the weekend was approaching it was time to decide the destination. Flipping the pages on internet I came across Saras Baug Pune.


I was new to Pune and loved the city for its style, chic-ness and standard. It called my queen, while Mumbai was my King! And, here was a new place that I was going to visit, The Saras Baug. I was soon on my bike moving fast to my destination. I was excited! And… There I was! It looked huge, beautiful and artistic. Spread over a sprawling area of nearly 25 acres, the baug houses the ‘Talayatla Ganapathi’. I had heard, whatever my wishes were, they would be fulfilled if I got blessings from him. And there I was at his feet, rubbing my nose and asking for pardon for sins I had done.

Talayatla Ganapathi
Talayatla Ganapathi | Image Resource :

Apart from a temple, this baug is a beautiful and a gorgeous garden. I could see lush greenery all around that my eyes kept twinkling! An evenings’ stroll at this picturesque location would be worth a million! I comforted myself on the lawn near a fountain; the breeze brushing my face was an awesome feeling. I missed my better half and decided of getting married soon. By then it was evening and time to leave back. With some quick clicks of the scenic location I departed with a hope that I would come back again and that time with my counterpart!

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Hey, I am Adway Chavan, an IT professional who spends all of his working hours staring at a computer screen...well, almost all. IT is my passion whilst nature, wildlife and adventure are the buzzwords I live by. I am also an amateur photographer and have travelled extensively in India and abroad. I never ever turn down a travel idea and spend all my holidays visiting national parks and forest reserves, biking up mountains and taking road trips. I have also indulged in bungee jumping, paragliding and sailing. One day I hope to take up the greatest challenge of all and go trekking in the Himalayas! Till then, watch this space!

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