Our Excursion To The Glittering Mysore Palace!

It was during my school days that I visited the Mysore Palace. I was glad that I had not visited the palace when I was too small. Had I visited the palace when I was a kid, I wouldn't have known its significance. We were in the eleventh standard when we went to Mysore and as luck would have it the first place that we visited was- The Mysore Palace. We went until Bangalore by train, and then took a bus to Mysore. It was quite a long drive and I enjoyed every moment of the enchanting journey with my friends!

Mysore palace
Mysore palace | Image Resource : mytravelphotos.net

On my way, I took photographs from an imported camera of 5 Mega Pixels that my uncle had gifted me for my last birthday. Despite the speed of the bus, I managed to take nice photos as photography was my passion since a young age. Our bus finally came to a halt, and our teacher declared that we had reached the Palace.

I still remember the view of the Mysore palace. As I got down from my bus, I was captivated by what I saw. It was like a palace described in fairy tales. The garden that lay on either side of the palace was magnificent and the palace was stunningly adorned in marbles and granites. We witnessed the rooms- Ambavilasa, and the Doll's Pavilion. We also witnessed several sculptures and splendid oil paintings. We also saw a vast array of arms and weapons used by members of the royal family. I was intrigued to find a pistol that was used during those days. We also came across the Audience Chamber, Durbar which was adorned with grand embellishments.

Chamundi Hills Temple
Chamundi Hills | Image Resource : flickr.com

We then visited some prominent temples that lay in the palace complex. The sculptures in all temples were mesmerizing. I wondered how people of those days managed to build such magnificent sculptures when they were not technologically advanced. Had they been alive in today's world of technology, they would've accomplished bigger things, and they would have probably constructed the palace like a sky scraper! By afternoon, we were out of the palace and went on a trek to the Chamundi Hills. It was night when we returned.

The night view of the palace
The night view of the palace | Image Resource : shobhakarandlaje.com

The night view of the palace was the best sight that I've ever seen- with lights all over the palace. On the whole, it was a great experience. It was indeed a journey very much different from the usual vacation spots like zoos, National parks and the adventure activities like trekking, paragliding ,etc which we students usually enjoyed in our holidays and excursion trips!

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