Brindavan Gardens, Mysore : A Paradise In The Sandalwood City!

Right from a young age, I had always wanted to visit Brindavan Gardens in Karnataka because everyone I knew uttered about it at least once when they spoke to me. I would gladly listen to their stories, and imagine the garden as they told. From what they told, I used to feel that it is probably not a national park but a paradise created by nature. A friend once narrated an incident that made me understand the vastness of the garden. He told me that he had gone on a school excursion to the garden. Lost by the beauty of the garden, he parted from his friends and went in a different direction. Finally, the teacher and my friend found each other in the vast garden by singing a song, and by following the sounds and claps of one another!

Brindavan Gardens Mysore
Brindavan Gardens Mysore | Image Source :

I started to the garden from Shimoga, where my relatives lived. I borrowed my cousin's car and started to the garden, with immense joy. During the long drive from Shimoga to Brindavan Gardens, I found several picturesque landscapes.


I stopped wherever I noticed some interesting scenery, and took photos of it. Before going to the garden, I went to the Jog falls and had fun there. It was a great adventure to visit the falls as I could go boating in the Sharavathi River. I got a few friends in Jog falls who also liked adventure, like me. I learnt from them that there were several organizations in Shimoga that offered courses of Paragliding.

Jog falls
Jog falls | Image Source :

After this, I proceeded to the Brindavan Gardens. I was awe-struck by the beauty of the garden and felt as though I had been kidnapped in a Time machine and taken back to the ages of Adam and Eve when there existed the 'Garden of Eden'! The colorful flowers, neatly pruned bushes, and the lovely fountains made me awestruck. I visited the Krishnarajasagar Dam near the garden. Lost in the beauty of the garden, I stayed there till 8 PM. I patted myself for staying there till night as I got to see the garden's night view. The photographs are neatly placed in my travel album. I suggest Brindavan Gardens to all nature lovers like me.

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