Tourist Attractions In Mysore : More The Merrier!

After graduation, I had been to Mysore to attend an interview of an IT firm. Our interview was scheduled for three days. We were a group of six who were attending the interview. After completing the Interview, we went out to see various places. The first place that we went to was the Wax Museum where I saw lovely wax statues of celebrities and great leaders. The statues were so identical to the real person that they looked as though they were real people posing themselves in the museum.

Wax Museum in Mysore
Wax Museum in Mysore | Image Resource :

Being a lover of wildlife, I suggested that we go to the Ranganthittu bird sanctuary. We had a great time in the sanctuary seeing beautiful birds like pelicans, peacocks, parrots, and what not! It was a lovely sight to watch these colorful birds, and bliss to hear them chirp. The chirps that the birds made seemed to me like Beethoven or Mozart's symphony!  I have visited several national parks and forest reserves earlier, but I have never been to a sanctuary housing only birds.

Ranganthittu bird sanctuary
Ranganthittu bird sanctuary | Image Resource :

After telling a goodbye to the birds, we moved on to our next spot the Bandipur National Park. The national park housed a large variety of animals, birds, reptiles, aquatic organisms, and a large species of flowering and non-flowering plants. As I was a regular spectator of channels like the National Geographic and Discovery, I was able to share several facts about the plants and animals that were housed in the park. I had paid the necessary fee for letting the officials take my camera inside the park. I took several snaps of the wildlife.

Bandipur National Park
Bandipur National Park | Image Resource :

We then rented a car, and I chose to drive. It was a long drive to Mandya and I thoroughly loved it. We visited Mandya to worship Sri Ranganathaswamy, the main deity of Srirangapattana. There, we witnessed the Mausoleum of Tipu Sultan, and the amalgamation of the three rivers of Kaveri, Kabini, and Hemavati. After this, we trekked besides the river Kaveri at the amalgamation of the rivers. We took photographs of landscapes during the trek. Still lots to explore! Looking forward to visit the place again this year!

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