My Sojourn in Mysore and My Luxury Air Travel to Mysore

I love to work as an IT professional for two reasons. One of the reasons I love IT is that I love to code. The second reason is that IT helps me pursue my passions. Though I have been trekking since school days, it was after I joined IT that I got a plethora of opportunities to do all the things that I loved. Now, I wish to share my experiences about my air travel to Mysore.

Mysore Airport
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I cannot forget the air travel that I had to Mysore via Bangalore as it was my first experience in a luxury airline. I had previously travelled only by budget planes to several places across India, but this time it was a luxury air travel! I couldn't believe myself when my company handed me the ticket details of the airline. I was immensely happy when my HR told me that I was traveling to Mysore via that airline.Like a child, I started counting the days to my air travel and the day finally came. I still can't forget how spell-bounded I was when I got into the business class where I was reserved a seat. The amenities were truly world-class. I watched some programs in the television in the touch screens that lay in front of me. I spoke to my parents while the flight was on the move. I couldn't believe that I could stay connected on my mobile even when I was on a flight. I also used the Wi-Fi to update my status of being in a luxury airline. We finally reached Mysore and on reaching Mysore, I checked-in to a hotel.

The next day as I was reading a newspaper, I spotted an ad by a volunteer group which said that anyone interested in paragliding could join them. I readily called them up and fixed an appointment with them. The next day, I went along with the volunteering group and enjoyed some wonderful paragliding. I wish I could also find a similar group that would help me find a place for bungee jumping. I also wanted to find a sanctuary or a forest where I could trek and simultaneously photograph rare fauna and flora. I had to leave Mysore the very next day, and so I didn't have the time to do this.  I wish I am deputed to Mysore sometime in the future, so that I can explore the place and have great fun and adventure.

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